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Thanksgiving Feast

November is a time of reverent reflection, humble prayer, and a joyful Thanksgiving holiday for American families. Nowadays, the Thanksgiving holiday is associated with trivial things, such as turkey and football. We would be wise, instead, to focus our attention on our almighty God to whom we owe all of our thanksgiving. For the preschool, November is the perfect time to remember the real reason the first pilgrims sailed to America aboard the Mayflower to escape religious persecution. And once delivered, the pilgrims did not fail to recognize the origin of their blessings. On Wednesday, November 24, 2010, at 11:30 am, our children will have their traditional Thanksgiving feast.  The boys wear pilgrim hats and the girls are adorned in white bonnets. We will reflect upon our Christian heritage and many blessings. We will remember in prayer, brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world who are now facing persecution and trials, just as the pilgrims once did. Ima-gine being jobless, homeless and hungry throughout the holidays. We will focus on others, being grateful that we are not hungry, and being grateful for what we have. We must come to cherish, as individuals, the families God gave us to love. This November, may we unite in reflection upon our heritage and blessings, prayer for the persecuted Christians, prayer for all families, prayer for the homeless, and give thanks to our awesome and loving God, the God of all harvests, to whom we owe all praise and thanksgiving for the many blessings we have.




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